Monday, 16 May 2011


Hello everyone,

Thank you for visiting MediaLoc's Translation and Games Localization blog. In this blog you will be able to read about the translation industry in general terms and, more specifically, about the field of games localization (or localisation, as we say in the UK!). I hope you like it!

To give you a bit of background, MediaLoc is a company highly specialised in the field of games localization. Our main aim is to provide an excellent-quality service with a very friendly approach, and that's why we only work with the best translators in the industry. But we also like to do our bit and raise the profile of games localization.

MediaLoc was founded by me, Silvia Ferrero. I have been a translator and interpreter since 2002, and during this time I have localized and tested games across all platforms for some of the best-known videogames companies and localization agencies, including 5 years working in-house for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. My main specialisation is obviously games localization, but I also do translation work in fields such as IT, business and marketing, environment and tourism, as well as copyrighting for advertising purposes. In addition, I am a regular speaker and guest lecturer at universities and translation events, where I give presentations about games localization but also more general subjects such as how to build a career as a translator and interpreter. In addition, I am the Chair of the North-West Translators' Network.

As you can see, I am very much involved in the industry. I am grateful for all the invaluable help I received from colleagues when I started out, and I believe it's only right to give something back to the industry. In addition, I also want to help raise the profile of our translators and interpreters and train our future professionals in the best way possible.

I do hope you enjoy reading this blog, and any feedback is very much welcome.


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